FORD Oil Pump

FORD is a world-renowned car brand, one of the many brands under the Ford Motor Company in the United States. There are many different models of oil pumps that are suitable for Ford’s vehicles. Lizhong Pumps produces a variety of high-quality oil pumps for use with Ford vehicles.

  • LZ-FO144

    Make: FORD, AUDI, VW

    Model: V8, V10, Mustang, E-350, E450, Aviator

    OEM:M513Z6600AA, LZ-FO144

  • LZ-FO141


    Model: Captiva, Antara

    OEM:92067383, 4804996, LZ-FO141

  • LZ-IS111

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: B12, FH12

    OEM:8971364630, 97136463, LZ-IS111

  • LZ-FO137


    Model: Range Rover Sport, Discovery MK, Jaguar

    OEM:9X2Q6600AB, 1001.E6, 1001.G2, 1348651, LR002465, LR007131, LR007798, LR013487, LR041095, LR076782, LZ-FO137

  • LZ-FO115

    Make: FORD

    Model: Escort

    OEM:85AU66001, 85AU6600A, 86AU6600A, 0291151055, 0271151059, LZ-FO115

  • LZ-FO114

    Make: FORD

    Model: Corcel, Del Rey, Pampa

    OEM:029115105.6, 85NU6600A, 86NU6600A, BD9M6600AA, LZ-FO114

  • LZ-FO113

    Make: FORD

    Model: KA, Fiesta

    OEM:XS6E6600AG, LZ-FO113

  • LZ-FO113(with Pulley)

    Make: FORD

    Model: KA, Fiesta

    OEM:XS6E6600AD, LZ-FO113 (with Pulley)

  • LZ-FO112

    Make: FORD

    Model: KA, Fiesta, Escort, Courier-Base

    OEM:XS6E6600AC, LZ-FO112

  • LZ-FO111

    Make: FORD

    Model: Corcel

    OEM:59099, LZ-FO111

  • LZ-FO110

    Make: FORD

    Model: Escort, Fiesta

    OEM:77BM6600BA, 77BM6600BB, 6031544, LZ-FO110

  • LZ-FO101

    Make: FORD

    Model: Escort, Orion, Fiesta

    OEM:731M6600AA, 1476632, 6013177, LZ-FO101

  • LZ-FO102

    Make: FORD

    Model: Granada, Capri, Transit

    OEM:1490252, 712M6600AA, LZ-FO102

  • LZ-FO103

    Make: FORD

    Model: Scorpio, Sierra, Escort, Transit, Capri, Grabada

    OEM:1438157, 712M6600AA, LZ-FO103

  • LZ-FO105

    Make: FORD

    Model: Escort, Orion, Fiesta

    OEM:928M6604A2B, 1663901, LZ-FO105

  • LZ-FO106

    Make: FORD

    Model: Fiesta, Focus

    OEM:98MM6600D78, 98MM6600D2B, 98MM6600D1A, 98MM6600AN, 98MM6600AM, 98MM6600AK, 98MM6600CE, 1072052, LZ-FO106

  • LZ-FO107

    Make: FORD, MAZDA

    Model: Truck, Mountaineer, Aerostar Bronco, Explorer, Trac Ranger

    OEM:E9RY6600B, E6TZ6600A, E7RY6600A, E9RY6600A, F6TZ6600AC, XL2Z6600AA, 1F2214100, 2ZMZ14100, ZZL014100, ZZL014100A, ZZM214100, M128, LZ-FO107

  • LZ-FO108

    Make: FORD, MAZDA

    Model: Fiesta, Mondeo, Cougar, Focus, Contour

    OEM:F8CZ6600AA, 978M6600AIG, 978M6600A2E, YS4Z6600AA, YF0914100, 1131092, 22443661, 1076978, M317, LZ-FO108

  • LZ-FO116

    Make: FORD, MAZDA

    Model: BT-50 Pickup, Ranger, Everest, Cortina, Capri Sierra

    OEM:WL0114100, XM346600AC, LZ-FO116

  • LZ-FO118

    Make: FORD

    Model: Sierra, Mondeo, Escort, Orion, Fiesta

    OEM:91FF6600AC, 1045630, 1045650, 1068262, 91FF6600AD, LZ-FO118

  • LZ-FO127

    Make: FORD

    Model: Fiesta, Focus, Tourneo, Transit, Galaxy, Mondeo, S-MAX, C-MAX

    OEM:XS4Q6F008AD, XS4Q6F008AE, XS4Q6F008BA, XS4Q6F008BB, XS4Q6F008AF, XS4Q6F008AH, 1131923, 1568324, 1374144, 1078508, 1103529, 1219712, LZ-FO127

  • LZ-FO128

    Make: FORD, MAZDA

    Model: Mustang, Ranger, B2300

    OEM:OP447, LZ-FO128

  • LZ-FO129

    Make: FORD

    Model: Mercury, Escape, Taurus

    OEM:XW4Z6600DA, F5RZ6600B, M211, LZ-FO129

  • LZ-FO131

    Make: FORD, MAZDA

    Model: Escape, Focus, Fusion, CX-7, 5, 3, 6, MAZDA 2300CC

    OEM:L31014100A, L31014100D, L31014100H, L31014100, L31014100E, L31014100F, L31014100J, 3M4Z6600BA, 3M4Z6600BH, IS7G6600BJ, M352, LZ-FO131

  • LZ-FO132

    Make: FORD

    Model: Econoline, Club Wagon, Bronco

    OEM:OP4107, C5AZ6600A, M74, LZ-FO132

  • LZ-FO148

    Make: FORD, MAZDA

    Model: GM

    OEM:10184977, LZ-FO148

  • LZ-FO149

    Make: FORD

    Model: Topaz, Tempo, Taurus

    OEM:E43Z6600A, E63Z6600A, M102, LZ-FO149

  • LZ-FO150

    Make: FORD

    Model: SOHC, L4

    OEM:F7CZ6600AB, FICZ6600B, FOTZ6600A, M179, LZ-FO150

  • LZ-FO151

    Make: FORD

    Model: V8

    OEM:D9AZ6600A, C9OZ6600A, D90Z6600A, M83, LZ-FO151

  • LZ-FO153

    Make: FORD

    Model: V8, F150, F250, F350

    OEM:AL3Z6600A, AL3Z6600AB, LZ-FO153

  • LZ-FO155

    Make: FORD

    Model: Expedition, Explorer, Flex, Taurus, Duratec

    OEM:7T4Z6600AA, 7T4Z6600BA, ZZJ114100B, M390, LZ-FO155

  • LZ-FO156

    Make: FORD, MAZDA

    Model: Saloon

    OEM:19210598, 12555168, 12559663, 19210600, M307S, LZ-FO156

  • LZ-FO157

    Make: FORD

    Model: Super Duty, V8

    OEM:8C3Z6600A, LZ-FO157

  • LZ-FO154

    Make: FORD, Lincoln, Mercury

    Model: Escape, Fusion, Zephyr Base, Mariner

    OEM:3W4Z6600AA, AJ5714100, LZ-FO154

  • LZ-FO158

    Make: FORD, VOLVO

    Model: XC60, Fusion

    OEM:BB5E6059AE, LZ-FO158

  • LZ-FO159


    Model: Explorer, Ranger, Mountaineer, Mustang

    OEM:4L2Z6600A, LZ-FO159

  • LZ-FO162

    Make: FORD

    Model: Mustang

    OEM:F48E6059, RFF48E6059BA, REF48E6059, F48E6059BA, LZ-FO162

  • LZ-FO152

    Make: FORD

    Model: Transit

    OEM:BK2Q6600, BK2Q6600BB, 9808634180, 9677428680, 1839456, 1836651, BK2Q6600BA, BK2Q6600CA, LR058095, LR055351, LZ-FO152

  • LZ-FO109

    Make: FORD

    Model: Expedition, Mustang

    OEM:5L3Z6600AA, F3AZ6600A, F5AZ6600A, F5AZ6600B, F8AZ6600AA, 06090330B, M176, LZ-FO109

  • LZ-FO147

    Make: FORD

    Model: Expedition, Explorer, Mark, Mountaineer, Mustang, Navigator

    OEM:3L3Z6600AA, 9L3Z6600A, M340, LZ-FO147

  • LZ-FO136

    Make: FORD

    Model: Capri, Cortina, Granada, Scorpio, Sierra

    OEM:73TM6600AA, 1613225, 83TM6600AA, 1529339, M87, LZ-FO136

  • LZ-FO160

    Make: FORD

    Model: V8

    OEM:BR3Z6600A, LZ-FO160

  • LZ-FO161

    Make: FORD

    Model: Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo

    OEM:CN1Z6600B, CN1G6600DB, CN1G6600CA, CN1G6600DA, 1759193, 1832124, 2002313, LZ-FO161

  • LZ-FO135

    Make: FORD

    Model: V8, 260, 289, 2000CC

    OEM:C2OZ6600A, C20Z6600A, F77Z6600CA, C9ZZ6600B, M68, LZ-FO135

  • LZ-FO140

    Make: FORD

    Model: Mondeo, Transit, Ranger

    OEM:YC1Q6600CB, YC1Q6600CD, ICIQ6600CC, ICIQ6600CD, ICIQ6600CF, ICIQ6600CG, 1001.E9, 1096225, 1112956, 1117948, 1134856, 1355193, 1456884, 9660667080, LR004392, LR004868, 729621050, TC1P6600AA, ICIQ6600CE, LZ-FO140