VW Oil Pump

VW is an automobile manufacturing company and the core enterprise of VW Group, one of the four largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Because of the wide use of VW, the oil pump of Volkswagen also has a large consumption. LIZHONG Pump produces a wide range of oil pumps for use with VW and sells them all over the world.

  • LZ-VW139

    Make: VW

    Model: Seat, Audi L4, Polo, Ibiza, Cordoba, Audi A1

    OEM:03F115105D, LZ-VW139

  • LZ-VW145


    Model: Golf, Polo, Caddy, Jetta, Touran

    OEM:04E115105AH, LZ-VW145

  • LZ-AU127

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: A4, A6

    OEM:06E115105, LZ-AU127

  • LZ-AU128


    Model: A3

    OEM:038115105C, LZ-AU128

  • LZ-AU126

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: A3, A4, A6

    OEM:038115105D, LZ-AU126

  • LZ-AU125

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: A1, A3

    OEM:03L115105C (with tube), 03L115105B (without tube), LZ-AU125

  • LZ-AU120

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: 80, 90, 100, 200, Coupe, A6, Quattro

    OEM:034115105B, LZ-AU120

  • LZ-AU119

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: 80, 50, Santana, Scirocco, Derby, Passat, Polo, Golf, Jetta

    OEM:052115105B, LZ-AU119

  • LZ-AU117

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: 100, LT

    OEM:069115105J, 069115105, 069115105B, 073115105, LZ-AU117

  • LZ-AU116

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: 80, A4, A6, A8, Coupe

    OEM:078115109J, 078115103D, LZ-AU116

  • LZ-AU114

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: Transporter, Crafter, LT

    OEM:074115105A, 074115105B, 074115105D, LZ-AU114

  • LZ-AU113

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: A3, A4, A6, TT

    OEM:06A115105B, LZ-AU113

  • LZ-AU112

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: 100, LT

    OEM:069115105Q, LZ-AU112

  • LZ-AU110

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: A4, A3, A6, TT, Golf, Passat, Bora, Vario, Cordoba, Ibiza

    OEM:06A115105, M367, LZ-AU110

  • LZ-AU107

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: Fusca, Brasilia, Gol

    OEM:311115107AKHD, LZ-AU107

  • LZ-AU106


    Model: Transporter, Kaefer

    OEM:311115107AK, M79A, LZ-AU106

  • LZ-AU105


    Model: Transporter

    OEM:111115107BKHD, LZ-AU105

  • LZ-AU104

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: Transporter

    OEM:111115107AKSHD, LZ-AU104

  • LZ-AU103

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: Transporter

    OEM:111115107AKHD, LZ-AU103

  • LZ-AU102

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: Kaefer, Karmann Ghia Coupe, Transporter

    OEM:111115107AK, LZ-AU102

  • LZ-AU101

    Make: AUDI, VW

    Model: Transporter, Kaefer, Karmann Ghia Coupe

    OEM:111115107BK, M79C, LZ-AU101

  • LZ-VW142


    Model: Sharan, Passat, EOS, Tiguan, Scirocco, Golf

    OEM:03G115105H, OP312, LZ-VW142

  • LZ-VW143

    Make: VW

    Model: Golf

    OEM:06H115105, LZ-VW143

  • LZ-VW141

    Make: VW

    Model: Touarge, Multivan, Transporter

    OEM:070115103A, 070115153, 070115105A, LZ-VW141

  • LZ-VW135

    Make: VW, SEAT, SKODA

    Model: Passat, EOS, Tiguan, Scirocco, Sharan, Jetta, Beetle, CC

    OEM:06J115105AC, 06J115105AB, 06J115105R, LZ-VW135

  • LZ-VW136

    Make: VW

    Model: New Beetle, Jetta, Beetle

    OEM:07K115105Q, LZ-VW136

  • LZ-VW134

    Make: VW, AUDI

    Model: Santana, Passat

    OEM:026115105B, LZ-VW134

  • LZ-VW131

    Make: VW, SKODA, SEAT

    Model: Polo, Fox

    OEM:03D115105G, LZ-VW131

  • LZ-VW130

    Make: VW, SEAT, SKODA

    Model: Polo, Polo Classic, Polo Box, Caddy, Lupo

    OEM:028115105L, 0491151051, LZ-VW130

  • LZ-VW129

    Make: VW

    Model: Vento

    OEM:03C115105L, LZ-VW129

  • LZ-VW128

    Make: VW

    Model: Cabrio, Coupe, Gol, Parati

    OEM:041115105, LZ-VW128

  • LZ-VW127

    Make: VW

    Model: Logus

    OEM:029115105.8, LZ-VW127

  • LZ-VW126

    Make: VW, AUDI

    Model: Logus, Santana, Passat

    OEM:056115105A, LZ-VW126

  • LZ-VW125

    Make: VW

    Model: Gol, Saveiro

    OEM:068115105.12, LZ-VW125

  • LZ-VW124

    Make: VW, SKODA

    Model: Golf, Vento

    OEM:032115105G, LZ-VW124

  • LZ-VW123

    Make: VW, SEAT

    Model: Passat, Golf, Corrado

    OEM:051115105A, LZ-VW123

  • LZ-VW122

    Make: VW, SEAT, SKODA

    Model: Transporter, Polo, Lupo, Caddy

    OEM:028115105D, LZ-VW122

  • LZ-VW121

    Make: VW

    Model: Para Motores

    OEM:0681151055, LZ-VW121

  • LZ-VW120

    Make: VW, AUDI

    Model: Passat, Gol, Voyage, Parati, Saveiro, Santana, Quantum, Pointer

    OEM:026115105.1, 049115105H, LZ-VW120

  • LZ-VW119

    Make: VW, AUDI

    Model: 80, 90, A6

    OEM:028115105J, 068115105BL, LZ-VW119

  • LZ-VW118


    Model: Gol, Parati

    OEM:026115105A, 0261151056, 0531151051, 0261151054, LZ-VW118

  • LZ-VW117

    Make: VW

    Model: Gol, Voyage, Saveiro, Parati

    OEM:0291151057, 0291151051 LZ-VW117

  • LZ-VW116

    Make: VW

    Model: Transporter

    OEM:026115105D, LZ-VW116

  • LZ-VW115

    Make: VW, AUDI

    Model: Gol, Parati

    OEM:053115105B, 053115105C, LZ-VW115

  • LZ-VW114

    Make: VW

    Model: Passat, Golf, Corrado

    OEM:037115105, LZ-VW114

  • LZ-VW113

    Make: VW, AUDI, FORD

    Model: Passat, Golf, Sharan, Polo, Vento, Caddy, Voyage

    OEM:028115105M, LZ-VW113

  • LZ-VW112

    Make: VW, AUDI

    Model: Passat, Variant, Gol

    OEM:058115105C, M366, LZ-VW112

  • LZ-VW111

    Make: VW

    Model: Santana, Passat

    OEM:068115105AP, 068115105AC, 068115105AD, 068115105N, 068115105R, 0681151053, LZ-VW111

  • LZ-VW110

    Make: VW

    Model: Transporter

    OEM:068115105AQ, 068115105AR, 068115105BP, 068115105J, LZ-VW110

  • LZ-VW109

    Make: VW, SEAT, AUDI

    Model: Transporter, Bora, Golf, Alhambra

    OEM:021115105B, 021115153D, 021115109B, LZ-VW109

  • LZ-VW108

    Make: VW

    Model: Vento, Passat, Jetta, Golf, Polo, Caddy

    OEM:028115105G, 068115105BK, 95VW6600BA, LZ-VW108

  • LZ-VW107

    Make: VW

    Model: Golf, Jetta, Scirocco, Caddy

    OEM:068115105AN, 068115105AE, 068115105P, 068115105H, 068115105S, 068115105D, M79D, LZ-VW107

  • LZ-VW106

    Make: VW

    Model: Golf, Jetta, Seat Ibiza, Cordoba, Passat, Scirocco, Seat Toledo

    OEM:027115105C, 027115105A, 068115105AG, 068115105Q, M79E, LZ-VW106

  • LZ-VW105

    Make: VW

    Model: Golf, Jetta, Passat

    OEM:068115105BN, LZ-VW105

  • LZ-VW104

    Make: VW

    Model: Golf, Passat, Sharan, Vento, Corrado, Variant, Seat Ibiza, Seat Alhambra

    OEM:027115105B, M244, LZ-VW104

  • LZ-VW103

    Make: VW, AUDI

    Model: Passat, Santana

    OEM:026115105, 026115105B, 0261151053, M226, LZ-VW103

  • LZ-VW102

    Make: VW

    Model: Golf, Jetta, Vento, Polo, Seat Ibiza, Cordoba, Toledo, Inca, Passat

    OEM:0261151055, 027115105, 027115105E, 055115105D, 049115105A, 055115105A, M79G, LZ-VW102

  • LZ-VW101

    Make: VW

    Model: Golf, Jetta, Vento, Polo, Derby, Seat Ibiza, Cordoba

    OEM:030115105C, 030115105E, 030115105D, LZ-VW101