HONDA Oil Pump

Honda is a multinational motor vehicle manufacturer with a wide variety of models and oil pumps. Lizhong Pump manufactures various types of oil pumps for use with Honda vehicles.

  • LZ-HO103

    Make: HONDA

    Model: Accord

    OEM:15100P12000, 15100POA000, 15100PTO000, 15100PTO030, 15100PTO010, 15100PTO020, OP219, M175, LZ-HO103

  • LZ-HO104

    Make: HONDA

    Model: Prelude, Accord, Odyssey, SOHC

    OEM:15100PAAA01, 15100POAA01, 5862021860, OP245, M232, LZ-HO104

  • LZ-HO106

    Make: HONDA

    Model: Stream, FR-V

    OEM:15100PLC003, 15100PLE005, LZ-HO106

  • LZ-HO107

    Make: HONDA

    Model: FIT 1500CC, JAZZ

    OEM:15100PZA003, 15100RWA003, 15100RBO003, 15100REAZ01, LZ-HO107

  • LZ-HO110

    Make: HONDA

    Model: FA1, B12

    OEM:15100RIPU01, 15100RZP003, 15100RNAA02, 15100RNCT01, LZ-HO110

  • LZ-HO108

    Make: HONDA

    Model: Accord, Element

    OEM:15110RAAA01, LZ-HO108

  • LZ-HO115

    Make: HONDA

    Model: Acura Integra, Civic

    OEM:15100PR3024, 15100PR4A03, 15100PR4000, 15100PR3014, 15100PR4A00, OP212, LZ-HO115

  • LZ-HO116

    Make: MAZDA, HONDA

    Model: 3 (BK), Saloon

    OEM:15100OA040, OP963, LZ-HO116

  • LZ-HO113

    Make: HONDA

    Model: Accord, DOHC

    OEM:15110R40A01, LZ-HO113

  • LZ-HO117

    Make: HONDA

    Model: EX-LN, EX Variable, EX-L, DX

    OEM:151005R0003, LZ-HO117

  • LZ-HO118

    Make: HONDA

    Model: L4, CR-V

    OEM:1500RZA013, LZ-HO118

  • LZ-HO119

    Make: HONDA

    Model: RE2, CP1, RE1

    OEM:13400RZP000, LZ-HO119

  • LZ-HO120

    Make: HONDA

    Model: Odyssey, V6

    OEM:15100P8FA02, M517, LZ-HO120

  • LZ-HO121

    Make: HONDA

    Model: 59B, BT16

    OEM:1510059B003, LZ-HO121