TOYOTA is a Japanese automobile company, one of the top ten automobile industry companies in the world, and the largest automobile company in Japan. As a leader in oil pumps, Lizhong Pumps produces different types of Toyota oil pumps for various models of Toyota cars. The Toyota oil pump produced by Lizhong Pump is perfect for use with Toyota vehicles.

  • LZ-TO160

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Hiace

    OEM:1130175011, 1130175010, 1510075010, ROTOR: 1510375010, COVER: 1511575010, OIL SEAL: 9031148014, LZ-TO160

  • LZ-TO158


    Model: A12

    OEM:13035H1000, LZ-TO158

  • LZ-TO154

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Hiace, Dyna, Fortuner, Innova

    OEM:1132030020, 1132030021, 1132030040, 1132030060, 1132030070, 113200L010, 113200L011, 113200L030, LZ-TO154

  • LZ-TO153

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Land Cruiser, Hiace Parado, Fortuner, Hilux, Hiace, Commuter

    OEM:1132030030, 1132030032, 1132030050, 11320OL040, 11320OL060, LZ-TO153

  • LZ-TO151

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Land Cruiser, Lexus

    OEM:OPTO50K, 1131038060KIT, 113100S010KIT, LZ-TO151

  • LZ-TO150

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Jundra, Land Cruiser

    OEM:OPTO47L, 1131031030KIT, LZ-TO150

  • LZ-TO149

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Avalon, Highlander, RAV4, Camry

    OEM:1362036010, LZ-TO149

  • LZ-TO148


    Model: Hion, J08C, J08E

    OEM:151102150, LZ-TO148

  • LZ-TO147

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Hilux, Dyna, Hiace

    OEM:1131154050, 1131154051, 1131154052, 1130154032, LZ-TO147

  • LZ-TO146

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Hion, J05C, J05E

    OEM:151102160, LZ-TO146

  • LZ-TO145

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Corolla

    OEM:11310OT050, LZ-TO145

  • LZ-TO144

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Rav, Carina, Gamry, Celica

    OEM:1510074060, LZ-TO144

  • LZ-TO143

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Celica, Corolla

    OEM:1510088600, OPTO42, LZ-TO143

  • LZ-TO141

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Land Cruiser, Hilux, Fortuner, Hiace, Commuter

    OEM:1131075073, 1131075070, 1131075071, 113100C021, LZ-TO141

  • LZ-TO136

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Celica, 4Runner, Pickup

    OEM:1130235010, LZ-TO136

  • LZ-TO135

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: 4Runner, Hiace

    OEM:1131154022, LZ-TO135

  • LZ-TO134


    Model: Kluger, Camry, Rav

    OEM:1131036020, LZ-TO134

  • LZ-TO133

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: 4Runner, Tundra, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser

    OEM:OPTO47, OP969, 1510331050, 1GRKITS, LZ-TO133

  • LZ-TO132

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Avalon, Camry, Sienna, Rav4

    OEM:OPTO49, OP968, 2GRKITS, LZ-TO132

  • LZ-TO131

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Celica, Corolla, Geo Prizm

    OEM:1510016070, M217, LZ-TO131

  • LZ-TO130

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Tacoma, Hilux, T100, 3RZFE, 3RFFE, 4Runner

    OEM:1130175020, 1130175021, ROTOR: 1510375020, COVER: 1511575020, OIL SEAL: 9031148026, LZ-TO130

  • LZ-TO129

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: 3VZE, Pickup, 4Runner

    OEM:1510065020, M184, LZ-TO129

  • LZ-TO124

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: 2E, Camry, Celica, Corolla, Matrix, MR2, Rav4

    OEM:1510011020, LZ-TO124

  • LZ-TO123

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Corolla, Carina

    OEM:1510015060, 94853635, M200, LZ-TO123

  • LZ-TO122

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Rav, Picnic, Avensis

    OEM:1510074050, M216, LZ-TO122

  • LZ-TO121

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Corolla, Tercel, Carina

    OEM:1510015020, 94846081, M254, LZ-TO121

  • LZ-TO119

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Camry, Rav

    OEM:1510070030, 1510070011, LZ-TO119

  • LZ-TO118

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Charmant, Corolla 1T, 2T, 3TC

    OEM:1510025020, M94C, LZ-TO118

  • LZ-TO117

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Land Cruiser

    OEM:1510061050, 1510061010, 1510061011, M153, LZ-TO117

  • LZ-TO116

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Grand Vitara, Vitara, XL-7

    OEM:1611485FA2 , 1610085FA0, 1610085FA1, 1610085FA2, M389, LZ-TO116

  • LZ-TO115

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Camry, 2VZFE, 3VZFE

    OEM:1510062020, 1510062030, M204, LZ-TO115

  • LZ-TO114

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Liteace, Camry, Carina, Picnic, Avensis

    OEM:1510064040, 1510064042, 1510064041, 1510064020, 1510064021, LZ-TO114

  • LZ-TO113

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Rav, Avensis

    OEM:15100OH010, 1510028020, 15100OH060, 15100OH020, M373, LZ-TO113

  • LZ-TO112

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Corolla, Avensis, Rav, Vista, Wish Mpv, Matrix, OPA

    OEM:1510022041, 151000D030, 151000D031, LZ-TO112

  • LZ-TO107

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Corolla

    OEM:1510064032, 1510064011, 1510064030, LZ-TO107

  • LZ-TO109

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Camry, SELC, 3SFE, 3SGELC

    OEM:1510063010, T510074060, LZ-TO109

  • LZ-TO110

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Paseo, California, Emmission, 5EFE

    OEM:1130158010, LZ-TO110

  • LZ-TO111

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Corolla, Starlet

    OEM:1510011050, LZ-TO111

  • LZ-TO106

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Liteace, Modell, Stallion, Hilux, Dyna

    OEM:1510071010, M159, LZ-TO106

  • LZ-TO105

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Hilux, 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, Hiace, Dyna Petrol, Venture

    OEM:1511071010, LZ-TO105

  • LZ-TO104

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Cressida, Hilux, Land Cruiser, Celica

    OEM:1510035020, 1510035030, M146, LZ-TO104

  • LZ-TO103

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Corolla, Carina

    OEM:1510015050, 94855908, LZ-TO103

  • LZ-TO102

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Corolla, Carina, Sprinter

    OEM:1510015040, 94851577, LZ-TO102

  • LZ-TO101

    Make: TOYOTA

    Model: Tercel, Carina, Corolla, Tercel Estate

    OEM:1510019015, 1510019025, 1510019030, LZ-TO101