LADA Oil Pump

Lada is a car brand owned by AvtoVAZ, Russia’s largest car manufacturer. Lizhong pump produces a variety of car oil pumps for use with Lada vehicles.  

  • LZ-LA107

    Make: LADA

    Model: YM3

    OEM:406.1011010-03, LZ-LA107

  • LZ-LA106

    Make: LADA


    OEM:4061011010, 406-1011010-02, 406-1011010-03, LZ-LA106

  • LZ-LA105

    Make: LADA, VOLVO

    Model: FL12, B12, FH12, NH12, FM12

    OEM:46794812, LZ-LA105

  • LZ-LA104

    Make: LADA

    Model: 4WD

    OEM:21081011205, 2101102077B, LZ-LA104

  • LZ-LA103

    Make: LADA

    Model: 4WD

    OEM:2101102077, LZ-LA103

  • LZ-LA102

    Make: LADA

    Model: Mirafiori, Super Mirafiori, Argenta, Sport, Pick-up, Toscana

    OEM:21011011010, LZ-LA102

  • LZ-LA101


    Model: Niva

    OEM:21211011010, LZ-LA101