FIAT Oil Pump

FIAT Automobile Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT), a famous Italian automobile manufacturing company, is one of the top ten automobile companies in the world. Fiat, as a classic brand with a history of more than 100 years, has always been regarded as the creator of the perfect car. Fiat has many famous automobile brands, and there are many kinds of Fiat oil pumps. Lizhong Pumps produces several types of oil pumps for use in Fiat engine systems. “Fiat” is the brand with the widest product coverage of Fiat Auto. At present, its main products include city cars, small cars, compact cars, medium-sized cars, sport utility vehicles, multi-functional trains, vans and so on. These models also correspond to a variety of oil pump models, and the various types of oil pumps produced by Lizhong can be perfectly adapted to Fiat cars.

  • LZ-FI123

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Panda, Punto

    OEM:71740683, 55269961, 55195304, 6000100141, LZ-FI123

  • LZ-FI122

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Panda

    OEM:7728249, LZ-FI122

  • LZ-FI120

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Palio, Fire, Doblo

    OEM:59797274, OT061221-01, LZ-FI120

  • LZ-FI118

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Panda

    OEM:7548014, LZ-FI118

  • LZ-FI116

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Panda

    OEM:7588740, OT061221-02, LZ-FI116

  • LZ-FI115

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Panda

    OEM:4199918, LZ-FI115

  • LZ-FI124

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Panda

    OEM:7717398, LZ-FI124

  • LZ-FI129

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Panda

    OEM:9015650, 7728251, LZ-FI129

  • LZ-FI134


    Model: D4162T

    OEM:1001G8, 9686038880, LZ-FI134

  • LZ-FI133

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Palio, Duna, Uno, Fiorino

    OEM:7533630HV, LZ-FI133

  • LZ-FI132

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Bravo, Doblo, Grand, Siena, Idea, Linea, Novo, Palio, Palio Weekend, Punto, Strada

    OEM:04693103AA, 04777838AA, 55223582, HB0014150, LZ-FI132

  • LZ-FI131

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Uno, Palio, Strada, Siena


  • LZ-FI128


    Model: Strada, Punto, Siena, Doblo, Idea, Grande Punto, 500, Linea, Fiorino, Qubo, Panda

    OEM:55232196, 55185375, 7177635, 73502327, 70419301, 0646076, 1538742, BS516600AA, 161100N86J00, 93177337, 1001.G7, 9S516600BA, 646100, 1723154, 1611985E00, 1652085E01, LZ-FI128

  • LZ-FI126

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Uno, Palio, Strada, Siena

    OEM:46762740, 55205437, LZ-FI126

  • LZ-FI125

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Brava, Bravo, Multipla, Siena

    OEM:46772183, 46544278, 7774040, LZ-FI125

  • LZ-FI121


    Model: Scudo

    OEM:1001.C6, 72804801, 1001.F2, 3M5Q6600AC, LZ-FI121

  • LZ-FI119

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Brava, Bravo, Palio, Multipla, Strada, Punto, Doblo, Idea

    OEM:46744429, 46744430, 46744432, 60665645, OT061221-03, LZ-FI119

  • LZ-FI117

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Regata, Fiorino, Uno, Ritmo, Duna

    OEM:7533630, 7553391, 9923174, OT061218-26, LZ-FI117

  • LZ-FI114

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Brava, Palio, Strada, Punto, Siena, Panda, Idea

    OEM:46751173, 55205942, 350900111043, 46738256, 45738256, 46540344, LZ-FI114

  • LZ-FI112

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Tempra, Turbo

    OEM:7758296, 50004346, LZ-FI112

  • LZ-FI113

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Palio, Siena

    OEM:73502291, 46808707, LZ-FI113

  • LZ-FI111

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Fiorino, Uno, Palio, Strada, Elba, Premio

    OEM:7533576, LZ-FI111

  • LZ-FI109

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Litre, Argenta, Spider

    OEM:4419319, 9905594, LZ-FI109

  • LZ-FI108

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Duna, Nouva Fiorino, Panda, Uno

    OEM:4395895, 7555208, LZ-FI108

  • LZ-FI107

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Cinquecento, Regata, X, Ritmo, 127, Panda, Uno, 900, Ibiza

    OEM:4284907, 4227634, 46514517, LZ-FI107

  • LZ-FI106

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Fiorino, Uno, Elba, Duna

    OEM:4391376, 46586680, 46583287, 5962426, 7546794, 4217368, 4216414, 7588598, 7588958, 4194643, 7588358, LZ-FI106

  • LZ-FI105

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Tipo, Tempra, Nouva Fiorino, Berlina, Familiar

    OEM:464667340, 46467338, 46467341, 7610246, LZ-FI105

  • LZ-OP134


    Model: Astra

    OEM:7085035, 93377141, 93313799, LZ-OP134

  • LZ-OP133

    Make: OPEL, FIAT

    Model: Astra

    OEM:7083261, 93330219, 7588739, LZ-OP133

  • LZ-FI104

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Seat, Sports, Special

    OEM:4320885, 4379251, LZ-FI104

  • LZ-FI103

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Uno, Tipo, Panda, Fire

    OEM:7588737, 7588739, LZ-FI103

  • LZ-FI102

    Make: FIAT

    Model: Fiorino, Furago, Panorama

    OEM:4423006, 43957367C, LZ-FI102

  • LZ-FI101


    Model: JX100U, JX1060C, JX55, JX60

    OEM:4705827, 804002, 4654756, 4602591, LZ-FI101