Nissan is a multinational automaker that originated in Japan. With the emergence and development of Nissan, Nissan oil pumps are also widely used in production. LIZHONG Pumps produces a variety of high-quality oil pumps for use with different Nissan models.

  • LZ-NI105

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Sunny, Pulsar, Sentra, Laurel&Langley, B11, B12, B13

    OEM:1501016A01, 1501059Y00, LZ-NI105

  • LZ-NI103

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Sunny, Datsun 310, Pulsar NX, Sentra, E13, 15S, E16, EA16I

    OEM:1501017M00, 15010B03G1, 1501001M00, M114, LZ-NI103

  • LZ-NI104

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Pickup, D21, Maxima, M30, 200SX

    OEM:1501010V01, 15010V5002, LZ-NI104

  • LZ-NI102

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: 200SX, 280ZX, Pick up, Prairie Pro, L-16, 18, 20B224, 24E, Z20, 20E, 20S, Z22, 22E, Z24, 24L, L26, 26E, 28ET

    OEM:1501021001, M90, LZ-NI102

  • LZ-NI101

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Cabstar, NP300 Pickup, A12, 12A, 13, 14, 15, B110, B220

    OEM:15010H6200, 15010H9700, 15010H9701, 15010M3000, 15010M3001, M90A, LZ-NI101

  • LZ-NI137

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: GA16DE, GA16I

    OEM:13500F4300, 135000M300, 135000M301, 135000M302, 1350053401, 1350088R00, LZ-NI137

  • LZ-NI139

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: KA24DE, D22

    OEM:13501VJ270, 13500VJ261, LZ-NI139

  • LZ-NI138

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Altima, KA24DE

    OEM:135001E402, 135009E001, LZ-NI138

  • LZ-NI133

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: GA16I, Pulsar NX, Sentra

    OEM:1350077A00, 1350077A01, LZ-NI133

  • LZ-NI132

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Z24, H25, H20

    OEM:1501066202, LZ-NI132

  • LZ-NI131

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Navara, YD25, D40

    OEM:15010EB70A, 15010EB30A, 150105X00A, LZ-NI131

  • LZ-NI130

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Almera, Cabstar, Murano, NP300 Navara, Pathfinder

    OEM:EN275143, LZ-NI130

  • LZ-NI129

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Cabstar, NP300 Pickup, YD25, D22

    OEM:15010AD200, 15010VM00B, 15010VK500, 15010VK50A, 15010VM00A, LZ-NI129

  • LZ-NI121

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Sentra

    OEM:150103RC0B, LZ-NI121

  • LZ-TO158


    Model: A12

    OEM:13035H1000, LZ-TO158

  • LZ-NI128

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: NP300 L4, Urvan L4, DOHC 16V

    OEM:15010W340A, LZ-NI128

  • LZ-NI127


    Model: Rouge L4, Sonata L4, QR25DE

    OEM:13500ET80A, 13500ET80B, 13500ET80C, LZ-NI127

  • LZ-NI126

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Altima, Pathfinder, Rogue, L4

    OEM:135003TA1C, 135003TA0B, 135003TA0C, LZ-NI126

  • LZ-NI125

    Make: NISSAN, Infiniti

    Model: NV2500, NV3500, Pathfinder V8, QX56, VK56DE, V8

    OEM:150107S00A, 150107S000, LZ-NI125

  • LZ-NI124

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Sentra 1809CC L4

    OEM:135005M00A, 135005M000, LZ-NI124

  • LZ-NI123

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Frontier V6, NV1500, NV2500, NV3500, VQ40DE

    OEM:15010EA20A, 15010EA200, LZ-NI123

  • LZ-NI112

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: 720, D21, Z24

    OEM:1350110W02, LZ-NI112

  • LZ-NI111


    Model: FX35, G35, I35, M35, QX4, 350Z, Altima, Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, Quest, V6

    OEM:1501043U00, 1501043U01, 1501043U03, LZ-NI111

  • LZ-NI114

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: 1798CC, Versa, L4, MR18DE

    OEM:15010EL00B, 15010EM30A, 15010EM31A, 15010EM30B, 15010ED80C, 15010ED81A, 15010ED85C, M393, LZ-NI114

  • LZ-NI113

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Patrol 3000CC, P55, P60

    OEM:2132103J01, LZ-NI113

  • LZ-NI115

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: 1597CC, 200SX, GA16DE, B13, 331, 341

    OEM:135003S500, 1350053Y00, 1350053Y01, 1350053Y02, 1350070Y00, LZ-NI115

  • LZ-NI118

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: DATSUN 720 1500cc, DATSUM 620, J15, J16, J18

    OEM:1500024W00, 15000B3000, 15000B52G1, 15000B52G7, 15000U3200, LZ-NI118

  • LZ-NI118A

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: DATSUN L4, J16, J18

    OEM:15000J12G1, LZ-NI118A

  • LZ-NI122

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: 2499CC, QR25DE, L4

    OEM:135008J002, 135006N203, 135006N20B, 135006N20C, 135008J00B, 15010ED80C, LZ-NI122

  • LZ-NI120

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Urvan QR25DE, NV350 QR25DE

    OEM:12410MA00C, LZ-NI120

  • LZ-NI119


    Model: HITACHI, MR20DE, EN20A

    OEM:1110EN21C, 11110-CJ, LZ-NI119

  • LZ-NI117

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: HR15DE

    OEM:150101KC0C, 150101KT1A, 150101HC0A, 150103AA0A, 150104LC0A, 150101HC1C, 150101KT0A, 150101KT0B, 15010BV81A, LZ-NI117

  • LZ-NI110

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: TD23, TD25, TD27, TD25I

    OEM:1501043G04, 1501043G05, LZ-NI110

  • LZ-NI109

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: TD23, TD25, TD27, TD25I, VG30E PICK UP

    OEM:1501012G00, 1501012G01, LZ-NI109

  • LZ-NI108

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Z24,4CYL, L28E, ET, 2400CC, 2800CC, LCYL SOHC

    OEM:15010V0300, M111, LZ-NI108

  • LZ-NI107

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: Pathfinder, R50, VG33E, 3300CC

    OEM:150101W900, 150100W001, M237, LZ-NI107