ISUZU Oil Pump

ISUZU Motors is one of the largest and oldest commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world. It produces many kinds of vehicles and is the main manufacturer of heavy and light trucks. Lizhong Pump produces various types of Isuzu oil pumps for Isuzu vehicles.

  • LZ-IS122

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 6SD1, FVR

    OEM:1131002191, 1131001910, 1131001911, 1131001912, 1131001913, 1131001914, LZ-IS122

  • LZ-IS121

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: S4Q2, S4Q

    OEM:32C3501021, LZ-IS121

  • LZ-IS120


    Model: C240

    OEM:8941258472, 8970331821, 8970331823, LZ-IS120

  • LZ-IS119

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 4JG1, 4JG2

    OEM:8944287980, LZ-IS119

  • LZ-IS118

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 4JJ1X IND, D-MAX, 4JK-T, 4JJ1-T

    OEM:8980537770, 8981451530, 8979444290, 8980115030, 8981281340, LZ-IS118

  • LZ-IS115

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 6HK1, 6HH1, 6HE1

    OEM:8943955641, 8943904146, LZ-IS115

  • LZ-IS114

    Make: ISUZU, HONDA

    Model: Trooper, Rodeo

    OEM:8971038640, 8943745104, LZ-IS114

  • LZ-IS113

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 4HK1

    OEM:1131003131, LZ-IS113

  • LZ-IS111

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: B12, FH12

    OEM:8971364630, 97136463, LZ-IS111

  • LZ-IS108

    Make: ISUZU, HONDA

    Model: Rodeo, Amigo, Pickup, Trooper

    OEM:8944597301, 8944597300, M173, LZ-IS108

  • LZ-IS107

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 4BD1, 4JA1

    OEM:8943355870, LZ-IS107

  • LZ-IS106

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: Regal, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, GMC

    OEM:83500826, 83501486, 10087696, 10146802, 14033065, 14033227, 14085460, 8100876960, 8101468020, 8140854600, M95B, LZ-IS106

  • LZ-IS105

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: Panther, KBD-23LE, KB28, 4JB1

    OEM:8970697381, LZ-IS105

  • LZ-IS104

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 6VD1, DOHC

    OEM:8971038640, 8943745104, M220, LZ-IS104

  • LZ-IS102

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 4ZD1, 4ZC1

    OEM:8944273030, 8944273031, 8944656650, LZ-IS102

  • LZ-IS101

    Make: ISUZU

    Model: 4JA1, 4JAT1, 2KC1

    OEM:8970331733, LZ-IS101