MAZDA Oil Pump

MAZADA is a Japanese automaker whose cars are used all over the world. With the wide use of Mazda cars, Mazda’s oil pump also appeared together. LIZHONG Pumps industry produces different types of high-quality Mazda oil pumps, which are sold to all countries in the world.

  • LZ-MA102

    Make: MAZDA

    Model: 3 Saloon, 323 S VI, 6 Estate, 626 V Hatchback, Atenza Saloon, Flair, 626 L4, B200 L4

    OEM:SL7014100B, LZ-MA102

  • LZ-FO131

    Make: FORD, MAZDA

    Model: Escape, Focus, Fusion, CX-7, 5, 3, 6, MAZDA 2300CC

    OEM:L31014100A, L31014100D, L31014100H, L31014100, L31014100E, L31014100F, L31014100J, 3M4Z6600BA, 3M4Z6600BH, IS7G6600BJ, M352, LZ-FO131

  • LZ-MA108

    Make: MAZDA

    Model: E3, E5

    OEM:E58014100A, E58014010, E58014010A, E30114100A, LZ-MA108

  • LZ-MA107

    Make: MAZDA

    Model: Probe, 626 MX6 Xedos, 626, 629 MX6 Turbo, B2200 Pickup

    OEM:F21214100E, F21214100C, F21214100D, F12Z6600BA, E92Z6600A, F12Z6600A, M151, LZ-MA107

  • LZ-MA106

    Make: MAZDA

    Model: 323 SLE 1998cc, 626 200SL, SLE 1998cc, 323 200E, Midge 1988cc, 200E, 6G03, FE, FE88, 1597cc

    OEM:F20114100AC, F20114100A, LZ-MA106

  • LZ-MA104

    Make: MAZDA

    Model: 323SL F6, 323 SLE EGL, Slife 626S, SL, SLX F6, 626, SLE F8, 626 EGL, Slife

    OEM:F80114100D, F80114100E, F80114100F, F80114100G, FE3014100A, FE3014100B, FE3014100C, FE6514100 , FE6514100C, FE6514100D, FE6514100E, FE6514100F, M140, LZ-MA104

  • LZ-MA103

    Make: MAZDA, FORD

    Model: 626 L4, MX-6 L4

    OEM:FS0114100N, F72Z6600AA, M192, LZ-MA103

  • LZ-MA101

    Make: MAZDA

    Model: 626 L4, B2000 L4

    OEM:817314100, 376314100, 045314100, M163, LZ-MA101