KIA Oil Pump

KIA, is a Korean multinational car manufacturer. The sales volume of KIA has a certain share in the world. The use of the KIA automotive oil pump is also very large, and LIZHONG pumps industry produces a variety of oil pumps suitable for KIA models.

  • LZ-KI103

    Make: KIA, FORD, MAZDA

    Model: Rio, 323

    OEM:E9GZ6600A, E9GZ6675A, E9JY6600A, B63014100B, B63014100C, B63014100D, B63014100E, B63014100F, BP0114100, M141, LZ-KI103

  • LZ-KI101

    Make: KIA, MAZDA

    Model: Sephia

    OEM:OK93314100, LZ-KI101

  • LZ-KI102

    Make: KIA, HYUNDAI

    Model: Atos, Santro

    OEM:2131002500, OP278, LZ-KI102